I. We are here to tell you our story, We are here to listen to yours.

II. We are here to share the genius of humanity by observing and offering solutions that serve the greater good. We have adopted the Adinkra symbol that represents “unity and oneness of humanity “.

“Afuntunmereku denkemereku” (two headed crocodile that shares one stomach) as our trademark to illustrate our mission statement.

III. We are here to teach, educate, inform. We are here to invest in artist development, especially in the youth.

IV. We enjoy our gifts but we work every day to improve our skill and talents of which we have been blessed. We are here to share them, we ask for nothing in return. Art is not just our work it is our way of life.

V. We have a manifesto of guiding principles, we have a code and we try to follow it.

VI. We are here to inspire, to give you the energy to laugh, smile, dance, think.

We are here to join other spirits of good will from all around the world because we know that there is only universal vibration that is sustainable and that is love.

Baba Mike Nelson

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